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Which scope does the book have?

The book has the very practical DIN A4 format, is 16 pages long and has 7 themes (each a double page).
The themes are:

"On the go down town"
"At the zoo"
"At home playing"
"Making music"
"At the beach"
"Everyday life"
"Having fun painting"

As part of every theme, 13 objects are child-friendly presented.
All objects are realistic und authentic things from everyday life. So the newly learned words can be repeated and used together throughout the day.

How is the best way to use the book?

It is really important to us, that Phéline has one distinct person for every language. We say "Mommy language" for English, Daddy language for French and Oma-Language for German. That is why Réda doesn't speak Arabic with Phéline yet. Indeed, German is also our family language.

Now when we look at the book together, Phéline starts calling out the objects in whatever language she wants (mostly German). And then we ask "What does Mommy say?" or "What is it in Daddy language?" The advantage to have all the relevant languages in one book is, that e.g. Anne can also improve her French and she can also say, if what Phéline says in French is right.

Every family has its own groove. This works pretty well for us. But the book can be used in very different ways, so just try it! It helped us to talk with other multilanguage families to decide on how we want to raise Phéline. And then we just did our own thing.

Where do you manufacture?

Each book is Made in Germany. Faith brought us together with our great partner SDP Sachsendruck GmbH in Plauen. They are Germany's only cardboard manufacturer and regard every book as "desired artwork for little and big readers". This is a claim we definitely share.
If you want to know, how a cardboard book is made at Sachsendruck then check out this super interesting documentary in the ARD media library!


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How long does production and shipping take?

Production generally takes 5 to 8 days. It a completely individual product and a cardboard book is not made on an assembly line. It is finished by hand! Depending on rather you choose standard or express, shipping will take between 2 and 4 days. Shipping partner are DHL (Standard) and UPS (Express).

What does “DIN EN 71” certified mean?

Safety and quality are more than important to us. Because which kid does not like to put a book in their mouths?!
That's why we have had the book put through its paces by Eurofin.
So it's certified regarding DIN 71-1, DIN 71-2, and DIN 71-3.

Who did the translating?

All the words were translated by native speakers who are friends, colleagues and acquaintances, as well as their friends and acquaintances. No dusty dictionaries were used, all the translations have a lovely individual note.

It is unbelievable how colorful our environment is! And what is even better: everyone is so, so helpful.
A big SHOUT OUT to everyone who has translated for us. Without you it would not have been possible. ❤️

My mother tongue is missing, what can I do?

If there is a language missing and you are a native speaker, don't hesitate to contact us and send us an email to hi@pherean.com. If you translate the words, we will be happy to send you your personal Family Language book for free! Win, win!

How can I order larger amounts of books?

If you need a larger amount of books, e.g. a kindergarten, just contact us via hi@pherean.com.

What made you think of the name "Pherean"?

We combined our names PHEline, REda and ANnemarie. So it is pure Achour-DNA.